Group CEO & Board Secretary

Mr. Varouj Nerguizian

General Manager since 1992 and appointed Group CEO & Board Secretary as of February 2020. He is also the Chairman and General Manager of Emirates Lebanon Bank S.A.L. since 2008.

In addition to his roles at Bank of Sharjah, Mr. Nerguizian is a Board Member and serves as the Chairman of the Audit & Compliance Committee for both Dana Gas, a public listed regional that deals with natural gas, and for Growthgate Capital LLC, a private equity fund.

He is a Founding Member and the Chairman of the non-profit Lebanese Educational Fund SA and of Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé Dubai. Furthermore, Mr. Nerguizian is a Board Member of The Pearl Initiative, (established in cooperation with the United Nations Office of Partnerships), a Member of the Conseil Stratégique de l’Université Saint Joseph in Lebanon, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Sharjah.

Mr. Nerguizian holds a degree in Economics from Univeristé St. Joseph in Lebanon.

Besides his professional life, Mr. Nerguizian is actively involved in, and a prominent figure of, the UAE, Lebanese, French, and Armenian communities. He has been awarded numerous distinctions from France, Armenia, the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic Churches, and the Holy See of Vatican.